Even tried Bunjee ?

I already wrote about what I believe to be a nonsense way for hiring engineers …. but couldn’t resist this new one !

I some time ago applied to a Software position in a major semiconductor company. To say the truth, I was very excited to apply to this position, as this company represented something special for me: I always admired its technology, loved their products and have been using them for years. Moreover, the job spec was really fitting my experience and skills … and again, as a Company Fan, shouldn’t I finally deserve the distinct privilege of being an Insider ? 😉 Continue reading “Even tried Bunjee ?”

Apple slowing down old phones …..

slow Apple iphone
beware … old iphone crossing

There has been a lot of buzz around this, completely understandable. I was really astonished when I heard that “Apple admitted to slowing down old iPhones” …. and even more by hearing the alleged reason that Apple dared throwing around ! That is the most insane reason I have ever heard ! Continue reading “Apple slowing down old phones …..”

Sensor Fusion controller using Fuzzy Logic approach (software implementation)

Description and architecture

In this systems, the sensors are read under interrupt, while some low-speed processes are executed under a 1 sec repetitive timer. The interrupt rates vary, from a few tens of ms  (light measures)  to completely arbitrary rates (motion detection) or very long periods (Heart Rate value). Hence I had to defined software components at 2 layers Continue reading “Sensor Fusion controller using Fuzzy Logic approach (software implementation)”

Sensor Fusion controller using Fuzzy Logic approach (Design choices)

Following the previous article, I now concentrate on design choices and implementation.

The  device was an OHRM gadget, so there was already some sensors available which could be used: Continue reading “Sensor Fusion controller using Fuzzy Logic approach (Design choices)”

Static version check of an un-versioned library

When you integrate an external partner delivery (Software Library), it is crucial to maintain version coherency. Say your partner is delivering library version 2.2.1, and you would integrate that together with your software from label Week30. You then need to make sure that: Continue reading “Static version check of an un-versioned library”

Sensor Fusion controller using a Fuzzy Logic approach (intro)

The recent rise of MEMS and Microsensors have posed a new and interesting problem to designers. Before MEMS, you barely had one temperature sensor, maybe one pressure sensor in your system. Then you would put some code around … Et Voila ! your device was capable of measuring Temperature and Pressure. Continue reading “Sensor Fusion controller using a Fuzzy Logic approach (intro)”

FFT based frequency calculation (implementation)

In a previous article I described the goal, which was to do a simple tool to measure the fundamental frequency of a simple sine wave. In this article, I describe the implementation, which is based on 2 open source libraries:

  1.  lib FFTW for Fourier calculation
  2. libsndfile for wav file parsing

Continue reading “FFT based frequency calculation (implementation)”

Creating multipart email in PHP

Sending a simple and short email in PHP is an easy task. The following lines do just that ( http://php.net/manual/en/function.mail.php )

// The message
$message = "Line 1\r\nLine 2\r\nLine 3";

// In case any of our lines are larger than 70 characters, we should use wordwrap()
$message = wordwrap($message, 70, "\r\n");

// Send
mail('caffeinated@example.com', 'My Subject', $message);

However, sending a more involved email, including attachment and several MIME parts require some more code. Fortunately, this is not very complicated. Continue reading “Creating multipart email in PHP”