About this blog

Jacques Samoun
when I am not coding ….

This blog is a collection of topics I gathered from various projects. I have been writing Software for over 20 years, mainly for the Telecom industry during the first part of my career but now and for a fair amount of years, I have been working on very diverse technologies. This goes from ARM C code optimisation, to pure C code specifics, DOS script, awk on-liners, web stuff, basically everything I had the chance to work with.

I am French, but this blog is written in so-called “professional english”. This is on purpose, as I find it easier to share with others writing that way. Please be forgiving for syntax, style, although I am doing my very best. I happily welcome every suggestion, correction and such so don’t hesitate. From time to time, there may be an article in French, when it makes sense to do so.

For now a couple of years, I am a self-employed consultant, working for various companies on different projects. From top-notch Android Wear devices, to deeply embedded gadgets but also from time to time, I find myself crafting Web sites for local food shops …