Even tried Bunjee ?

I already wrote about what I believe to be a nonsense way for hiring engineers …. but couldn’t resist this new one !

I some time ago applied to a Software position in a major semiconductor company. To say the truth, I was very excited to apply to this position, as this company represented something special for me: I always admired its technology, loved their products and have been using them for years. Moreover, the job spec was really fitting my experience and skills … and again, as a Company Fan, shouldn’t I finally deserve the distinct privilege of being an Insider ? 😉 Continue reading “Even tried Bunjee ?”

Apple slowing down old phones …..

slow Apple iphone
beware … old iphone crossing

There has been a lot of buzz around this, completely understandable. I was really astonished when I heard that “Apple admitted to slowing down old iPhones” …. and even more by hearing the alleged reason that Apple dared throwing around ! That is the most insane reason I have ever heard ! Continue reading “Apple slowing down old phones …..”

Engineer hiring thoughts

You’ve probably been there as well …  You apply for a new job, so the polished CV and letter have been sent. Then you start going the process of engineer hiring: you passed the first round of selection, which verifies that your skills and competences are relevant.

They Are ! So you are heading to the newco for meeting real people. You are very motivated, have learned how much EBIT the company did the 3 last years, you can even maybe recognize the CEO if you pass by him. You are an experienced software engineer, with a proven track record in the same field.

Continue reading “Engineer hiring thoughts”