Even tried Bunjee ?

I already wrote about what I believe to be a nonsense way for hiring engineers …. but couldn’t resist this new one !

I some time ago applied to a Software position in a major semiconductor company. To say the truth, I was very excited to apply to this position, as this company represented something special for me: I always admired its technology, loved their products and have been using them for years. Moreover, the job spec was really fitting my experience and skills … and again, as a Company Fan, shouldn’t I finally deserve the distinct privilege of being an Insider ? 😉

So, I started the long journey of applying to the job. I received the standard acknowledge email, fair enough, then I was invited to an Online HR Screening .

I have always mixed feelings about this kind of step. What the hell do they expect us to answer, apart from “Yes, I am a team player”, “No, I have no problem with authority”, “Of course, I am happy to learn new technology”, and so on. But nowaday, this seems to be the new trend, so why not? I received my credentials for this online tool, and I started answering the questions.

Followed a few tenths of question around working in a team, accepting challenges, following others advice or taking the lead, etc … standard questions so far. I probably answered quite ok to most of them. And then, to my great surprise, two apparently innocent questions:

  1. Would I be disappointed to work even without contributing to the society ?
  2. I if was proposed to try Bunjee, would I accept or decline ?

Well, I am applying  for a position of Software Engineer, the job spec insists on my C/C++ skills, hardware knowledge, Python, etc … where would the “Contribution to the Society” enter the picture ?

Bunjee ? I am myself fond of sports: former triathlete, marathon runner, I am also a martial arts practitioner. I  am red belt in Taekwnondo,  currently Blue belt in Brazilan JuJitsu and in my spare time, I love climbing 3000+ meters peaks of the southern alps. I started practicing MMA in an underground club, as the discipline is forbidden in France. But I recognize that I wouldn’t try Bunjee, as there were far too many deaths in this discipline around here and I don’t think the thrill is worth it.

So, I answered “No” to both questions … and that was the end of my brilliant career in my cherished company.

The responses you have provided suggest that you are moderately energised by elements of a working environment that encourages positively contributing to society. You may, at times, prefer not to focus on social welfare elements of your work. For example, if all your work were centred on charity, you may eventually feel disengaged or dissatisfied with your work.

and for the Bunjee ….

The responses you have provided suggest that you may typically be risk averse and unwilling to engage in exciting or stimulating activities.
You might prefer staying within your comfort zone rather than actively seeking new, thrilling experiences.

and this is the summary of 2 criterias out of 5 …. I have not been interviewed further and received again the standard email (extract):

Unfortunately, after careful consideration of the skills and experience evidenced in your profile we will not be able to continue your application for this particular position. At this time we have a number of other candidates in the process who are a better fit to the desired profile.

probably bunjee practitioners…. or spiritual sons of Mother Theresa 🙂


Are we serious ?

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