Disclaimers and legal mentions

All the articles presented here are from myself and all opinions expressed are solely mine. From time to time, I am using limited excerpts from other articles or books. When this is the case, I put explicit credit or link to the source.

All the source code snippets do come from working code, which I wrote myself. In almost all the cases, this was production code. However, i usually remove a lot of header files, comments and also sometimes, I do rename functions in case of confidentiality issues. I generally do not disclose explicitly what product the code comes from. However, I cannot be held responsible for any adverse effect these code snippets could have in your system. These articles are informative only.

All the pictures are mine, and when this is not the case, I do my best not to infringe any copyright. Making a living from selling software, this is the very least I can do.

Although they are welcomed, all comments are moderated. I will remove any offending post, or non-appropriate content. Spammers, you have been warned :).

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